Collaboration is a crucial component to science and engineering. It permits us to combine our skills, resources, and verify the integrity of our work. In Writing 116, we conducted peer reviews of the papers submitted and worked in groups on assignments.

In order to improve our writing, we conducted peer reviews of our work and presentations during class. We graded each other using rubrics and provided suggestions using margin notes.

On Time Peer Reviews

I worked with Semion Dukhovny for both of the grammar exercises. We separately worked on the assignments and shared our work over Skype. After coming to a consensus, we submitted the assignments collectively.



Every student had submitted a research proposal and the class was divided into two groups. Every member read the other students’ research proposals and we reviewed them based on a set rubric. I created a GoogleDoc for our group to collectively work and to manage the data. We selected the top four proposals based on the average of the scores.



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