Process has always been one of my weak points in writing. I hate writing what’s been nicknamed ‘shitty first drafts’ and I attempt to proof read my papers as I am writing them. While other people are able to write several pages a day, for me, a single page may take hours of work. I still dislike writing these drafts however, my personal statement does show dramatic improvement from the first draft that I had submitted for peer review compared with the last.

OnTime Peer Reviews

Personal Statement Draft

Personal Statement

We needed to summarize six academic publications as a research review. The most difficult part of this assignment was finding the six publications. I’ve used academic search tools before, however finding topics with sufficient overlap that I could write a paper on proved difficult and I had to restart the assignment midway though after I realized that constructing a coherent paper would be difficult.

I organized my papers into an annotated bibliography and a matrix to describe the topics and differences that each paper covered. These materials discussed the theoretical questions that the experimenters sought out, a brief description of the experimental methods used, and the conclusions that the researchers came to.

Annotated Bibliography


Research Review


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